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Texas Deposition Reporters Association

Protecting Those Who Protect the Record

"It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies..." ~ Thomas Paine

TEXDRA is an association for Texas Certified Shorthand Reporters and Court Reporting Firms founded on the core principles of integrity, transparency, advocacy and teamwork.  We pledge to serve our profession with honesty and hard work, and we will work closely with other associations whenever possible to recruit, train and mentor students, lobby in Austin on important issues and challenges that face us all, improve relations between us and the people we serve, and educate the judiciary and the public about the vital role we hold as impartial guardians of the record. 

With members throughout the great state of Texas, we advocate on their behalf regarding important issues facing us today, including  the intrusion of uncertified digital recorder/AI operators.  

Digital recording bypasses the tested and certified professional for inexpensive and unskilled workers to create a transcript of questionable value for the sake of higher profits. The practice of digital recording is not permitted within our membership. Any member who proves to be practicing or actively promoting digital recording or other unapproved methods in Texas that are alternatives to the certified shorthand reporter will be removed from TEXDRA's rolls. Applications from persons or firms practicing or actively promoting digital recording or other alternative methods will not be accepted

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To advocate for the business interests of Texas freelance Certified Shorthand Reporters and Court Reporting Firms; to promote the profession of court reporting and maintain the integrity of the profession; to provide a forum for CSRs and CRFs to address business issues of common interest; to promote a broader understanding and acceptance of CSRs as an integral part of the judicial system; to improve the delivery of quality court reporting services to the public; to aid in recruiting and training of future verbatim CSRs; to facilitate good relationships between CSRs, CRFs, consumers, and the parties they serve; and for any other approved lawful purpose as determined by the Board of Directors.


To represent the professional and business interests of Texas freelance Certified Shorthand Reporters and Court Reporting Firms through advocacy, education, communication, and transparency, while promoting the benefits of working with trained professionals who precisely capture the spoken word in judicial proceedings and provide crucial services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, and to foster better awareness of our value to the judicial system and the public.


Attached is the October 1, 2021, version of TEXDRA's Bylaws.  Amended Bylaws will be posted once the Bylaws Committee has reduced all subsequent changes to writing and after final approval by TEXDRA's Board of Directors.

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